Friday, 13 May 2011

NZ movie goers also download movies for free

Interesting - a survey of NZ cinema attendees showed that not only did the majority of them go to the cinema on a regular basis (monthly or more), but 51% of these also downloaded movies at home, of which the vast majority were copyright infringements.

So this seems to show that in NZ as in studies overseas, the heaviest users of content are heavy users regardless of format, so the people who download and share the most infringing content, also tend to buy more CDs and DVDs, go to the movies more etc, just because they are avid content consumers. Which makes it a bit questionable how good a business plan it is for rights holders to be selectively picking out those people to sue them, its almost like the opposite of the fairly successful "superfan" social media marketing campaigns carried out by other companies like Marmite...

1 comment:

  1. The cinemas are leding a crusade against download sites and it's completely unjustified! Also, maybe if the prices weren't so outrageous people would be more willing to go.