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Originally this web form petition was embedded on the AssistNZ site but we are just trying to coordinate the effort of many many other passionate and knowledgeable people all over the country. This is not about us, and its too much for us to handle alone, so we need a lot of help and a dedicated space for this cause and voice of the public. 

We think that copyright law clearly needed to be amended. However the way that this law was rushed through under emergency sitting conditions was inappropriate, and has resulted in a bad law which will be effectively unworkable and fails to achieve the stated aims. The copyright law will inevitably be amended further before long, once they try and fail to enforce the law as written. 

But the more important issue is the way the law was passed. If New Zealanders disagree with the government's use of urgency to rush through controversial legislation late at night, that has nothing to do with the state of emergency, then stand up and make your voice heard!

We are proposing that those who sign the petition donate $1 to the cause to cover the cost of processing and submitting the referendum and petition with all left over proceeds from support going to the Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund to support those who were intended to be the beneficiaries of urgency sittings. . 

The hashtag #blackout follows the twitter support for the cause. There is a Facebook page representing this support - Opposing The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill  

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[ Last updated: 23:55 - 15/04/2011 ]


Here you will find information on how you can help.

1. Make sure you have a black profile picture, If you would like to use one of ours feel free

2. Let the MPs know your views, here is a good pre-typed e-mail and a list of MPs e-mail addresses to be copied and pasted to be sent.

3. Attend a physical protest.

4. Join an Internet protest

5. Sign the online Petitions

  • For the full list of MPs informationl see this link.
  • You can read the full amendment bill here:

Other Information
  • Law doesn't come into effect till 1st September 2011

And thanks to Constantine D. Voltaire for this one:

For the love of god please don't harass these mps.   Unless you send them an email of kia kaha & thanks.

Chris Carter, Hone Harawira, David Clendon, Catherine Delahunty, Kennedy Graham, Kevin Hague, Gareth Hughes, Sue Kedgley, Keith Locke, Russel Norman & Metiria Turei.

For more please contact